March 2023 Trails Talk


Tatanka Ska Trace – Phase IV(b)

In 2023, the development of Tatanka Ska Trace will continue with the last segment that will connect Lake Park to the entire Iowa Great Lakes Trails system. The trail will start in Montgomery, go west 2.5 miles and connect at 170th Avenue with Phase IV(c) where it continues into Lake Park.  The project is funded by grants from the Federal Recreational Trails program, Imagine Iowa Great Lakes, Iowa DNR REAP and the Okoboji Foundation. Lake Park DCTB director Billy Niemeier says, “We are excited to connect the city of Lake Park with the Iowa Great Lakes Trails. It will be a great opportunity for people to enjoy a scenic route that joins our town with all the communities in Dickinson County. This has been a long term goal of mine to make this dream a reality.”

The project is scheduled to start in late summer or early fall. With completion of Phase IV, the DCTB will have built over 11 miles of Tatanka Ska Trace since 2020 and we are excited to complete this connection many years ahead of schedule.

2023 trail plans map










202nd Street Trailhead Improvements

There will be several maintenance projects in 2023 that include crack sealing and areas of surface replacements. The work will involve crack sealing and surface preservation on the Spine Trail starting at the south end of Milford and going north through Henderson Woods in Arnolds Park. Over eight miles of concrete crack sealing will take place on the West Okoboji, Pioneer Beach and Silver Lake Trails. This work is scheduled to be complete before Memorial Day weekend.

The DCTB will also be making significant changes and improvements to the trailhead on 202nd Street  in north Milford. The plans call for removal of the asphalt pavement and replacing it with concrete through the west edge of the existing gravel parking area. The parking lot will be moved and expanded to the east where the trail currently sits. New pavement and expanded parking will be a great enhancement to this popular trailhead. Thanks to several grants and strong local support for trails, the DCTB is able to continue expanding and improving the outdoor recreational experience throughout the Iowa Great Lakes in the year ahead.

With the sunshine and warmer temperatures, we eagerly anticipate another great season on the Iowa Great Lakes Trails. We hope that you get the opportunity to enjoy new trail routes and revisit your old favorites. It is always a good day on the trail!

As always, Happy Trails to You and Yours.
Erin Reed, DCTB Executive Director