February 2023 Trails Talk


Dave’s daughter-in-law Belinda enjoys a cool April morning with Bob on their bench.


Steve Nelson shares the story behind a bench the family recently purchased in honor of their dad and his neighbor who found a passion for biking through their quest for coffee and donuts.

“Dave Nelson and Bob Kline were retired neighbors in Monarch Cove when they decided to try their hand at bike riding in the 1980s. Several times a week they rode down Lakeshore Drive to a small coffee shop where the parking lot of Okoboji Store is now. Their reward was coffee with a fresh roll if they got there early enough.

Eventually, they built up to the U of O Campus Rides, and convinced their kids to join them for various events around the Lakes area. One of the surprises they found on the Campus Rides was the Spine Trail. Initially, it was just a couple miles from Spirit Lake to Arnolds Park. They were struck by the luxury of a shaded, flat as a pancake ride for a few miles.

They spent a couple years training, i.e. more coffee and donuts, to ride with a bunch of family across Iowa. Team UFFDA started in 1993 and arranged overnight stays, our own sag support and daily maps. Of course the maps had to include the closest place to our overnight for morning coffee and donuts. Through 2010, they continued their search across the state.

Dave and Bob were always happy to be back in Dickinson County after each cross-state ride. They appreciated the car-free rides on the ever expanding trail system. In memory of Dave and in honor of Bob, it is only fitting to recognize their dogged pursuit of coffee and donuts with a bench.” We could not agree more! Thank you to the Nelson family for supporting the trail bench program with this wonderful tribute.  If you are interested in replacing or getting a new bench to honor someone in your life, please visit www.dickinsoncountytrails.com/donate for more information and the Bench Program form.


The State Bank recently chose the Dickinson County Trails to receive a $500 donation from Remedy Consulting through their Give Back program. The Remedy Gives Back program supports local Check presentation from State Banknonprofits where their bank clients do business across the United States. Each year they ask the clients they have served to submit nominations for who they would like to support in their own community. The DCTB extends our gratitude to The State Bank and Remedy Consulting for supporting our mission to make the Iowa Great Lakes a vibrant and healthy recreational trails community.

Pictured: Andy Schultz, Vice President of The State Bank in Spirit Lake, presents the Dickinson County Trails with a donation for $500.

As always, Happy Trails to You and Yours.
Erin Reed, Executive Director