12/16/2022 Cross Country Skiing Update

Cross county update 12/16/22


It’s been a wild ride with the ever-changing snow conditions we’ve had in the last week but we are sitting in really good shape with a solid ski base being established all the way from Brooks Clubhouse to the Nature Center. So you can access from either place and expect good snow cover throughout the entire trail system.
No classic tracks have been set yet due to the blowing snow but they may try to set tracks this afternoon (12/16/22). The tracks will likely drift in for the most part with the blowing snow over the next few days. Still, we will have a solid base to ski on so you aren’t trudging through a foot of snow. Even without distinct tracks to ski on, this solid base will translate into an easier, faster and a more enjoyable experience.
In short, we have a really good base being established for the season and anticipate really good conditions for the foreseeable future.


Hogsback will not be groomed for a bit as the sled is in the shop and the groomer is being used at Brooks-Nature Center at this time. It will be another week or two before Hogsback is groomed but there should be plenty of tracks out there that you can use. Just be prepared for ungroomed conditions
For those of you that intend to brave the cold in the days to come–bundle up in layers, start out with way too much clothing and carry a small pack so you can shed skin as you warm up.
Thank you to our volunteers, Bob Waters and Eric Hoien, for all the time and effort they put into our beautiful skiing trails!