March Trail Talk


totanka trail mapTatonka Ska Trace – Work on the rail trail bridge and culvert renovations will begin again soon.  This project ensures that nine significant structures between Spirit Lake and Allendorf are preserved and ready for trail construction.  The work on this project will be complete before summer.  Federal Recreational Trails and REAP grants totaling $393,100 have been awarded to Tatonka Ska Trace for another mile of trail construction from Hy-Vee at Peoria Avenue continuing west to Hudson Avenue.  Project development will continue through 2018 and construction is planned for early 2019.

highway 17 plac trail



Highway 71 PLAC Trail – This new trail segment continues to move forward with construction slated to begin in May. The project will involve trail reconstruction near the Pearson Lakes Art Center (PLAC) with a new trail continuing north from the trailhead along Highway 71 to 41st Street.  A decayed bridge along this section was replaced in the fall of 2017 in preparation of the new trail.  The project is funded by generous donations given to the Dickinson County Trails Board Endowment through the Okoboji Foundation.




Jonesjones pasture trail Pasture Trail – Preliminary engineering and design has started on the Jones Pasture Trail and the alignment is coming into place.  DCTB has applied for Wellmark and Region 3 TAP grants with the goal of securing the remaining funds needed for constructing this trail along the northeast side of Big Spirit Lake.  DCTB has already secured $100,000 for the Jones Pasture Trail through grants from REAP and the Okoboji Foundation and we are aiming for construction in 2019.


“In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move.”  Henry Rollins  The weather certainly has not been favorable for getting out on the trails so fair this spring. Eventually the season will turn in our favor and make us all want to explore the trails and enjoy warmer temperatures again.  Caution is emphasized as you hit the trails early in the year; with snow comes sand, gravel and tree debris that gets deposited on the trails.  The freeze-thaw cycles during this time can also cause cracks to form or widen.  We will be out inspecting, sweeping and trimming as the weather continues to improve, but in the meantime, please be mindful of trail conditions and stay safe.                                                                

As always, Happy Trails to You and Yours.
Erin Reed, DCTB Executive Director