September 2023 Trails Talk


Tatanka Ska Trace near Lake Park

The Iowa Great Lakes Trails system continues to see significant growth with two major projects that are adding over 6 miles of new trail development on Tatanka Ska Trace. In late July, finishing touches were completed on the first project that starts at Market Street in Lake Park and travels east 3.7 miles. Residents and visitors of Lake Park can now enjoy this scenic trail segment that offers open spaces with views of rolling hills, prairie and wetlands as well as a river crossing and areas of tree lined canopies for shade.

The second project is the final piece that will connect Lake Park to the entire Iowa Great Lakes Trails system. This segment will start in Montgomery and go west 2.5 miles where it connects to the trail going into Lake Park at 170th Avenue. A bid letting was held back in July and the contractor plans to start dirt work in mid-October. The final completion date is July 26, 2024. The DCTB is excited to complete this connection to Lake Park several years ahead of schedule and we look forward to celebrating a grand opening next summer.


The DCTB recently passed a new Use of Trails & Power-Driven Mobility Devices policy. The new policy provides consistency with Iowa State code regarding the classification and definitions of low-speed electric bicycles and their use on trails. Additionally, it sets the maximum speed limit at 20 MPH and clarifies what devices can and cannot use the trails. ATVs are not allowed on the trails and golf carts are only permitted for use by peaple with disabilities in accordance with the motorized vehicle policy. Single-user electric devices, such as electric wheelchairs and scooters, are allowed on the trails without a permit.

Our goal as a trails board is to create accessibility; this includes expanding the system, making strategic trail connections and offering opportunities for people of all abilities to use the trails. Overall, it comes down to etiquette and using the trails responsibly no matter what your mode of transportation is. More information on the Use of Trails policy can be found at


32nd ANNUAL U OF O OKTOBERFEST BIKE RIDE: Saturday, September 30 – Registration is open for this fun 18-mile bike ride along the scenic trails and lakeside roads of the Iowa Great Lakes Area. Proceeds from the ride benefit Dickinson County Trails and registration includes food and drink deals throughout the area, drink tickets and a t-shirt.  There are optional pit stops along the route and then return to the Arnolds Park greenspace for additional games, activities, live entertainment, food and beer.  For registration and event information visit

As always, Happy Trails to You and Yours.
Erin Reed, DCTB Executive Director