March Trails Talk

Areal views of Tatiana trail

Tatanka Ska Trace – Montgomery to Lake Park


The DCTB recently held two bid lettings that will comprise the majority of trail development in 2022. The projects will result in adding over 4 miles of new trail to the network. The first project will be another extension of Tatanka Ska Trace that will begin on the east edge of Lake Park. This segment will then travel east 3 miles and give residents in Lake Park an opportunity to enjoy the rail trail while we work towards finalizing the connection to Spirit Lake. With the recent federal recreational trail grant award of $395,000 the DCTB plans to build the middle 2.5 miles going west from Montgomery in 2023.

The second project will connect the West Okoboji Trail to Tatanka Ska Trace. This trail extension will start at the north harbor tunnel at 155th Street and travel north 1.2 miles along the east side of Highway 86. The connection between these two trails will provide for nearly 40 miles of contiguous trail around the Iowa Great Lakes. The DCTB looks forward to growing the trails system and  completing these exciting trail developments.

2022 map with maintenance markers


DCTB will be taking on several maintenance projects that include crack sealing and areas of surface replacements. The work will involve crack sealing and surface preservation on the Spine Trail starting at the south end of Milford and going north through Henderson Woods in Arnolds Park. Over seven miles of concrete crack sealing will take place on the West Okoboji, Pioneer Beach and Silver Lake Trails. Additional miscellaneous concrete and drainage repairs will be performed as needed. Due to several grants and strong local support of the trails, the DCTB is able to continue expanding and improving the outdoor recreational experience throughout the Iowa Great Lakes in the year ahead.



Girl Scout clean up dayGirl Scout Troop 211 spent the day cleaning up trash from the Spine Trail in Milford on Sunday, March 20. The enthusiastic group of first graders filled ten 30-gallon trash bags! Troop leader Laura Olson said, “What a difference these amazing young ladies made today. One very generous passer-by was so impressed he gave us $100 to treat everyone to Dairy Queen afterwards.” We are very impressed too and the DCTB appreciates their service to the trails by making the space more enjoyable for everyone.


As always, Happy Trails to You and Yours.
Erin Reed, DCTB Executive Director