January Trails Talk



Tatanka trail grass

Phase IV(b) of Tatanka Ska Trace, west of Montgomery

The Iowa Transportation Commission has awarded  $395,000 in Federal Recreational Trails funding for Phase IV(b) of Tatanka Ska Trace. The grant will help fund the last segment that will complete the connection between Lake Park and Spirit Lake. This phase will start in Montgomery and go west for 2.5 miles. Due to federal funding, the process for project development takes a little longer since the Iowa DOT has to review the corridor’s environmental and archaeological clearances along with other steps that are necessary because of the federal process.  This will delay construction of the middle section until 2023 so this year the DCTB will start building on the east edge of Lake Park at East 9th Street. This segment will travel east for 3 miles and give Lake Park residents the opportunity to enjoy the rail trail while we work towards completing the middle section. The DCTB looks forward to the continued development of Tatanka Ska Trace and finalizing the connection with Lake Park.


The cold and snow can limit opportunities to get on our bikes and enjoy the trails, however, we are fortunate to have great cross country skiing cross country skiing on trail systemtrails in the Iowa Great Lakes to enjoy during the winter months. Groomed trails are available at Brooks Golf Course up to the Dickinson County Nature Center and at Kettleson Hogsback Wildlife Management Area on the west side of Big Spirit Lake.  These trails are possible thanks to local volunteers Bob Waters and Eric Hoien along with support from the DCTB and a new snowmobile donated by the Polaris Foundation. The DCTB continues to provide updates on snow and trail conditions on our Facebook site as well.  Thank you to the Polaris Foundation for supporting our work and the volunteers that provide us with superior cross country trails to enjoy during the snowy season.




2022-2023 trails projectsThe DCTB continues to seek donations for key projects planned for this year that include connecting Tatanka Ska Trace to the West Okoboji Trail in addition to expanding the rail trail another 3 miles going east from Lake Park. Other significant plans include new railing and lighting for the trestle bridge between East and West Okoboji Lakes and starting the Spine Trail expansion going south from Milford to connect with Clay County. Please consider donating to Friends of the Trails as your gift will enable us to enhance the quality of life in the Iowa Great Lakes while making a substantial contribution to the area’s health and economy. You can find more information about these great projects and donating to the trails at our website www.dickinsoncountytrails.com.  We truly appreciate the community’s support in the work we do to grow and improve the trails system.

As always, Happy Trails to You and Yours.
Erin Reed, Executive Director