Future trail

Future Jones Pasture Trail along the east side of Big Spirit Lake

 DCTB has two new trail segments planned for this summer.  First is the Jones Pasture Trail that will extend the Spine Trail one mile north along the east side of Big Spirit Lake. This project has been a development priority for several years and DCTB has now secured $250,000 from the Region 3 Transportation Alternatives Program.  The grant provides the additional funding needed along with $50,000 from the Okoboji Foundation and $50,000 from REAP grant funding to move forward with construction.

Tatonka trail

Future Rail Trail – Tatonka Ska Trace Phase II



The second new segment is Phase II of the rail trail, Tatonka Ska Trace, that includes a one-mile extension of the trail from Hy-Vee at Peoria Avenue continuing west to Hudson Avenue where it will outlet onto 15th Street. Federal Recreational Trails and REAP grants totaling $393,100 were awarded to DCTB for the project’s development.  DCTB is excited to continue expansion of these two key trail corridors in 2019.





Kenue Park sunset

Nature Center – Kenue Park Trails

DCTB is planning a number of maintenance projects for the 2019 season.  These plans include asphalt overlays of the Nature Center-Kenue Park Trail starting at 175th Street in Okoboji and the Spine Trail along Kiwanis Park and 20th Street in Spirit Lake.  DCTB will also be performing annual surface preservation on the Spine Trail from Highway 71 in Okoboji going north to Kiwanis Park in Spirit Lake.  This work will involve crack sealing and leveling as well as an asphalt fog seal to refresh and preserve the surface of the pavement.

Trail maintenance updates will continue in Trail Talk and notification of trail closures will be sent out on our website, Facebook and DickinsonA!ert.  Sign up to get alerts from the Dickinson County Trails Board delivered to your cell phone via text message by texting DCTRAILS to 69310 or visit .



Winter seems to have finally loosened its grip on northwest Iowa and as the snow melts we eagerly anticipate getting out and exploring the trails while enjoying warmer temperatures again.  Caution is emphasized as you hit the trails early in the year; with snow comes sand, gravel and tree debris that gets deposited on the trails.  The freeze-thaw cycles during this time can also cause cracks to form or widen.  We will be out inspecting, sweeping and trimming as the weather continues to improve, but in the meantime, please be mindful of trail conditions and keep safe.

As always, Happy Trails to You and Yours.
Erin Reed, DCTB Executive Director